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This website will give you

information about angels and meditative exercises designed, with help from the angels, to assist you on your spiritual path.


I want to teach you how to connect and team up with your angels to illuminate your path

and live life

to its highest potential.

Connecting with your inborn spirituality can give health, healing, joy, peace and harmony with yourself, those close to you and the Universe. It also gives you strength and hope during the challenging times!


The self-knowledge and personal development you can achieve by connecting to these benevolent and Divine guardians can give you peace of mind on your path.


My approach as an intuitive messenger  is to help you move past your blocks and fears so you can discover and live out your purpose.


My mission is to assist in producing a sense of empowerment that will allow you to naturally progress towards your full potential.

I am blessed with a natural ability to connect with angels and Divinity to assist others on their paths.


Read more about how I got to be here on the About Me webpage.


This gift has led me to obtain certain credentials, including accreditation as a hypnotherapist (qualified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy), certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue, PhD, in addition to becoming an ordained non-denominational spiritual minister.


I am located in the Midwest of the United States and have clients all over the world. From Germany, UK and Spain to Japan, Singapore, South Africa and Australia to the US, Canada and Brazil. Through Spirit we are all truly connected!

This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

Gain knowledge and experience and get more in touch with your intuition without leaving the comfort of your home.


Individual classes are scheduled around your availability.


To

Deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who want to know who their angels are and how to connect with them. Guardian angels give loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide.


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Shift your life by opening your intuition with one-on-one training and certification


Discover and refine your life purpose and calling as an angelic messenger.





Do you have a gift, talent or passion that's desperately trying to be expressed but you're held back by fear, lack of resources or no support?


I am here to support you and offer practical advice to work through issues.

 Your more earthly day-to-day questions can answered using oracles and questions could relate to your relationships, career, finances and other issues.


To

What is my life’s purpose?” “Why am I here?” are common questions we ask. These are the questions that are answered in this reading. I will connect directly to the Divine who will reveal your Soul Path. To read more.

Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering changes is helpful.


I offer both telephone and email readings as well as in person readings.


Your angels may have been Divinely led to this site to learn how you can personally connect with them.

You are invited to explore this site with an open heart and mind and know you are never truly alone.

The Divine and the angels want to help you on your spiritual journey.

Learn why Divinity created Angels, the beings of pure spirituality.

Discover how to call on the great and powerful Archangels . Learn each one's strengths and specialties.

Learn how your Guardian Angels can influence and improve your life.

Lightworkers  volunteered before birth to help Earth and its population heal from the effects of fear.


Archangel Michael is the protector and guider of light.


Learn about angelic soul clearings, cutting negative etheric cords and shielding.

Gabrielle/Gabriel, the Archangel of communications, inspiration and divine guidance.


Meditate to activate your third eye and meet your higher self.

Archangel Raphael rules healing energies.


Work with Raphael to heal yourself and others. He can also protect during travels.

Archangel Uriel's name means "Light of God" and is the Archangel of Salvation


Uriel can assist you in becoming a master of your energies.


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects.


The source is psychic or “soul energy.

The influences of the Chakras.


Learn this importance of clearing and balancing these energy centers.

Developing your intuition can bring you into harmony with life.


By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered.

The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive.


Our lives are about evolving as souls.


Certain crystals carry angelic vibrations and abilities.


Learn to clear and program your crystals.

Layers of negative attitudes and limiting beliefs can be cleared and released energetically when you experience an angelic soul clearing.

Animal Guides, also known as “animal totems” and “power animals” are spirit guides in the form of animals on our planet.

Like many of us, I have been interested in all matters relating to spirituality since childhood. 


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